Street Dogs are Evil

doghanterStray/street/feral dogs are not just a threat to humans and a biological garbage. They are also fundamentally and intrinsically evil. Therefore, they must be eliminated completely, ruthlessly quickly and efficiently worldwide. Depending on the prevalent culture of the nation in question, either on the spot – by using a fast-acting poison, shooting with an airgun or a firearm or bludgeoning to death with whatever object available, or in a mobile gas chamber or in a stationary gas chamber.

To protect oneself from the spiritual Evil of a street dog one absolutely must not hate the animal. Killing of a street dog must be driven not my hatred for the animal, but by love for humans that deserve to be freed from the street dog evil and menace. Elimination of a street dog must be carried out as quickly, cleanly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. The animal must not be tortured under any circumstances, because by torturing an animal you develop a very dangerous connection to the Evil that this dog channels.

Unfortunately, it is not realistic to expect that the corresponding government authorities will suddenly become super-efficient and will eliminate all street dogs in their jurisdictions. Therefore, the members of every community in question in most cases (especially in Third World countries) must take matters in their own hands. Hence, the total elimination of ALL street dogs will inevitably be a grassroots initiative and a grassroots project.

Fully supported by the Almighty God. And with His help, nothing will stop us from cleansing the Earth from the filth and evil of stray dogs.


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